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  • Amie Batalibasi

    Amie Batalibasi

    I'm an Australian-Solomon Islander filmmaker based in Melbourne and founder of Colour Box Studio.

  • Novus Grey

    Novus Grey

    Dark fiction writer/Horror fanatic. You’ll see me conjuring up wild pieces of writing to satiate many different interests. Join me if you dare!

  • Anugya Srivastava

    Anugya Srivastava

    Currently pursuing Social Work at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Takes keen interest in pop culture, movies, music, books, languages and politics.

  • Brian Lageose

    Brian Lageose

    Texas-based writer, raised in Oklahoma, struggling to overcome both stigmas and prove that decent people can survive in a sea of overwhelming cluelessness.

  • Lakitha Tolbert

    Lakitha Tolbert

    Busybody librarian from Ohio.

  • WickedWizard


  • harleygore


  • Peary Brown R.N.

    Peary Brown R.N.

    Retired nurse from New England. Status post military service and civilian nursing.

  • SiggyPopRocks


    I'm a true-crime writer focusing on missing and murdered women and children. I also have a strong connection to Eastern Kentucky and the crimes committed there.

  • Chloe Wells

    Chloe Wells

    True crime and strange tales mostly. Top writer for the tag ‘Finland’.

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